Disgraced opera singer Tamar Iveri announces gay rights charity concert.

Tamar Iveri

Georgian opera singer Tamar Iveri who made headlines earlier in the year after she was dropped from her role in the Australian Opera after publishing a homophobic rant on her public Facebook page has this week announced a charity concert for gay rights to be held in Tbilisi.

Iveri announced plans to perform a concert in the country’s capital in October at a press conference with Georgian LGBTI rights group Identoba. The money raised will go towards helping victims of violence in Georgia.

Iveri was made infamous internationally after being dropped from her contracts with Opera Australia and La Monnaie of Belgium after a homophobic rant appeared on her Facebook page about attacks on Georgians marking IDAHO (International Day of Action Against Homophobia and Transphobia).

Iveri claims that the post was not made by her but by her deeply religious husband who she claims holds views that she does not share.

Iveri's Facebook page recently changed began spreading the message of 'Peace, Love and Harmony'.

Iveri’s Facebook page, which now shares the message of ‘Peace, Love and Harmony’.

It is unclear how Iveri’s concert will be received by Georgian’s and the LGBT community. Georgia still remains a socially conservative country where people on the LGBT spectrum are not widely accepted.

Although the announcement has been praised by many people others have seen it as merely an attempt to save her reputation and not a sincere apology.

The concert will be held on October 11.


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