Russian lesbian couple seeks asylum in Argentina

Image from Twitter

Image from Twitter

A Russian lesbian couple are seeking asylum in Argentina after fleeing their country amidst fears of homophobic persecution.

Oxana Tomofeeva and Marina Mirnova who married in Buenos Aries earlier this month claim that rising levels of homophobic laws and rising hostility towards LGBT people in Russia influenced their decision to flee, but give the safety of their 16-year old son as the main reason for seeking safety in Argentina.

While living in Russia the couple faced regular acts of homophobia, including incidents that led to them moving home on three separate occasions.

Mirnova, a former teacher, was even fired from her job after her sexuality was revealed. “There’s no where left to run in Russia”, she told press.

Argentina is known as one of the most progressive Latin American countries when it comes to LGBT issues. It was the second in the Americas to legalise gay marriage and tenth in the world. The equal marriage laws were given by the couple as one of the reasons for choosing to flee to Argentina.

If granted asylum the equality the couple will benefit from will stand in stark contrast to their native Russia, whose infamous ‘gay propaganda’ laws have led to the persecution and oppression of countless LGBT Russians.


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