Georgian NGOs unite against Armenian church attacks

Armenian church

12 NGOs operating in Georgia have this week joined together and urged their government to take action in light of the recent attack on an Armenian church in Tbilisi.

The group of charities and NGOs, including Identoba, the Minority Rights Group and the Women’s Initiative Support Centre, yesterday released a joint statement in which they emphasised the importance of the state involving itself in the legal proceedings of the case – which they also labelled a hate crime.

The attack in question, which happened on July 19th, saw members of an Armenian church attacked by a gang of Georgians in what was believed to be a racially motivated incident.

The statement, released on LGBT charity Identoba’s blog, also raised the issues of ‘Armenaphobic attitudes’ and encouraged the Georgian authorities to a ‘democratic, safe and tolerant environment’ within the country.

Although Georgia is seen as one of the more progressive states within the Caucasus xenophobic attitudes are still seen within much of mainstream society. The incident in question however is highly unusual as the largest attack on Armenians of this kind in recent memory.


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