Persecution of LGBTI refugees in Caucasus still widespread says leading charity

ORANThe persecution of LGBTI individuals living as refugees is a common occurrence across the Caucasus according to the reports released this week by the Organisation for Refuge, Asylum and Migration.

ORAM, a leading charity advocating for the rights of refugees facing sexual and gender-based violence, recently released data they had compiled investigating the persecution of LGBTI individuals from non-state bodies.

The report found that Iran and Armenia stand as the worst countries in the region in terms of persecution, both being ranked ‘severe’. Turkey, Russian and Georgia all received ‘high’ ratings, with Turkey and Russia being ranked worst than Georgia in terms of their treatment towards LGBTI individuals.

Currently no data on Azerbaijan has been released by the organisation.

Homophobia and transphobia are commonly seen across the Caucasus but the extent to which it exists in some areas has been highlighted by these rankings. Armenia stands out as the country that scored worst than many would have expected. Although homophobia and transphobia is prevalent in much of Armenian mainstream society this ranking now puts the country alongside the likes of Uganda, Sudan and Saudi Arabia – countries in which being LGBTI is illegal.

The rankings released came after assessment of public treatment of LGBTI individuals and do no take into account state laws and attitudes.


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