US journalists detained in Iran

Jason Rezaian, one of the journalists believed to have been detained.

Jason Rezaian, one of the journalists believed to have been detained.

Four journalists, including three US citizens have been detained by authorities this week in Iran.

Yeganeh Salehi, an Iranian correspondent for the UAE-based ‘The National’ and her husband Jason Rezanian, a US newspaper correspondent were arrested alongside two currently unidentified photojournalists.

News of the group’s arrest has riled various media outlets in the US. The Committee to Protect Journalists, a charity advocating for international free press, has called for the immediate release of the journalists, citing Iran’s poor record for human-rights of prisoners as a major cause for concern.

The exact details behind the group’s detention is not yet know and it is not known if an official arrest has been made but Rezanian’s employers stated that they had received ‘credible reports’ that the four had been detained in Tehran. Iranian authorities have neither denied or confirmed any arrests relating to the four journalists, but the US State Department confirmed that they were away of the groups detention.

Rezanian, whose joint US-Iranian citizenship is not recognised by the state of Iran, was last seen acting as a correspond for The Washington Post, covering news stories from Tehran. It is likely that articles he wrote may have been interpreted as ‘anti-regime’.

Iran has been ranked as one of the three worst jailers in the world since 2009, with around 35 journalists currently imprisoned. Many reports have confirmed that human-rights violations in Iran are prevalent, especially towards political prisoners. Several foreign journalists have previously been arrested by authorities on various charges.


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