Women laughing in public is ‘moral corruption’ says Turkey’s deputy prime minister


Turkey’s deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has this week stated that women should not laugh in public, instead choosing to lead a chaste life.

Talking at an Eid el-Fitr meeting earlier this week Arınç talked about ‘moral corruption’ in his country saying that both men and women should re-discover the values of the Quran and develop a sense of shame and honour.

Also on the subject of women Arınç discussed many women’s habit of talking unnecessarily on the phone. “Women give each other meal recipes while speaking on the mobile phone. What else is going on?” he remarked.

As well as woman and moral corruption Arınç also talked about high consumption and television shows that turned young people into “sex addicts”.

The deputy Prime Minister’s comments did not go without criticism. Many individuals online, including oppositional politicians, spoke against his stance, some accusing him of sexism while the daily newspaper Hurriyet published a photo feature of woman laughing despite the comments made.


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