Husband of imprisoned human rights defender Leyla Yunus detained in Baku

arif yunus

Arif Yunus, the husband of recently imprisoned human rights activist Leyla Yunus, has been arrested by Azerbaijani authorities in Baku.

Arif Yunus was charged with treason and fraud 6 days after his wife Lelya was arrested on charges of high treason earlier last week.

The couple, who had been the subject of authority harassment and persecution for several months leading to their arrest, are awaiting full charges and are currently being held in custody awaiting a full trial – which is expected to be up to 3 months away.

Arif Yunus works as a historian but was subject to police harassment and an illegal travel-ban after his wife became a politcal target for the Azerbaijani regime. Leyla Yunus is a prominent human rights activist in Azerbaijan whose work has been seen by some as critical of the current government.

News of the arrests prompted several groups to call for the immediate release and acquital of the Yunus’. The couples arrests are suspected to be under false charges and have been labelled as politically motivated by many sceptics.


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