Government official claims Iran is “proud” of corporal punishment

Mohammad Javad Larijan. IMAGE:

Mohammad Javad Larijan. IMAGE:

The head of Iran’s Human Rights Council this week sated that Iranian authorities remain proud of their stance on corporal punishment and execution.

Mohammad Javad Larijani, head of the government body, stated that “we are proud of our judicial system”.

Iran remains one of the most highly criticised regimes in regards to human rights and corporal punishment. Executions in the country have reportedly included stonings, eye gouging, flogging and limb amputations – most of which are viewed internationally as violations of human rights.

Larjani ‘s recent opinions reflect Iran’s determined stance against change within the regime. Despite the criticisms levied against Iran the country has remained stoic in its stance on stoning and other related forms of punishment.

The views expressed by the government minister are not the first time he has caused international outrage – previously Larijani described Iran’s use of stoning and amputation as ‘beautiful’, going on to claim that the increasing use was a mark of positive progress.


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