Iran: Homosexuality and pre-marital sex are widespread says government report



A report published this week has claimed that many young adults in Iran have engaged in pre-marital and gay sex, despite the country’s largely conservative population and its harsh penalties for homosexuality.

The report, commissioned by the Iranian Parliament, found that around 4 out of 5 young adults were sexually active and that 17% had been in same-sex relations.

This report has come as a surprise for many Iranians. The current regime has been known to issue the death penalty to those found to be in homosexual relationships and LGBT individuals are highly persecuted.

These new figures will likely be seen as a disappointment by the country’s homophobic government who have continued to persecute Iran’s LGBT community with punishments that have included stonings and beheadings.

The report also reflected an increase in promiscuity among heterosexual people, something that in conservative Iran is not seen as common.


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