Turkey: AK Party retain leadership with 52% of vote

Image: Reuters.com

Image: Reuters.com

Turkey’s current ruling party has this week regained their seat of power with 52% of votes in the country’s recent presidential elections.

Current Prime Minister Recap Tayyip Erodgan told supporters of the AK Party that their re-election marked a victory for the people of Turkey. While addressing thousands crowds outside the party’s headquarters the politician asked for Turks to look forward to the future and to leave the old Turkey behind.

Early reports of the results began to surface over the weekend, but were confirmed earlier today. With 52% of the vote, and therefore a majority no run-off elections will be held.

AK’s victory was widely predicted by many experts, whose rule has led to much development across the country. However the party and its leader are not without opposition.

Erdogan has been increasingly criticised in recent years of being an authoritarian leader with Islamist tendencies. During his last term the leader famously tried to ban Twitter and Youtube in his country in an attempt to curb political protests.

The slim majority of just 52% achieved by the ruling party likely reflects growing dissidence towards the ruling party, who are facing increasing criticism from people across Turkey’s growing secular population.

Also running for election was the Islamic academic Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who gained 38% of the vote for the Nationalist Movement Party and pro-minority, Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas who gained just 10% of votes.


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