Yezidi-Armenians march in solidarity with Iraqi victims

IMAGE: Yezedi people fleeing near the Iraq/Syria border. (


Hundreds of individuals representing Armenia’s Yezidi community this week marched in Yerevan in solidarity with Iraqi Yezidis facing persecution from Islamic State militants.

Reports from Northern Iraq claim that thousands of Yezidis have fled their homes after facing violent persecution from Islamic State militants who are fighting for control of the area.

Iraqi Yezidis have been subject to kidnapping, torture and execution according to some sources. As non-Muslims the Yezedi people of Iraq have been targeted by the militants, who are enforcing Islamic law in the areas they control.

Many Yezidi people have been subject to ‘forced conversion’ to Islam after some communities were attacked and captured by fundamentalists. It is believed hundreds of Yezidis have already been killed by militants and thousands more have fled the area to escape further persecution.

The actions of the Islamic State militants have been described as genocidal by some. The Armenian-Yezidis who marched in Yerevan called upon the international community to take immediate action.

The government of Armenia this week announced that around $50,000 of food aid would be sent to the Yezedi community in Iraq.


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