Azerbaijan: Detained journalist celebrates 30th birthday behind bars

Rasul Jafarov. IMAGE:


Azeri journalist and human rights activist Rasul Jafarov has this week spent his 30th birthday behind bars during an ongoing detention enforced by Azerbaijani authorities.

Jafarov is currently undergoing a pre-trial detention after being arrested for tax evasion and abuse of authority in what is believed to be a politically motivated crackdown on dissident voices by the Azerbaijani regime.

The journalist is part of a long list of human rights activist and public voices including Leyla Yunus, Intigam Aliyev and Arif Yunusov that have been detained after speaking out against the country’s current government.

On the occasion of Jafarov’s 30th birthday the international human rights charity Civil Rights Defenders called for his immediate release, as well as the release of all other political prisoners detained by the Azerbaijani authorities.

The charity called upon its supporters to pressure the current government into taking action by raising awareness of Jakarov and his fellow prisoners’ situation.

For more information on how you can support freedom of speech in Azerbaijan visit Civil Rights Defenders’ website here.


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