Russian Neo-Nazi who tortured gay men on film sentenced to 5 years in prison



Maxim Martsinkevich, a Neo-Nazi leader of the anti-gay gate group ‘Occupy Paedophilia’, has this week been sentenced to five years of prison time by a Russian court.

Martsinkevich, who is also known as ‘Machete’ by fellow gang members, was one of the leading figures in a string of attacks on gay Russian men that occurred over several months in 2013. Members of the ‘Occupy Paedophilia’ gang posed as young men online in order to subject gay men to violent homophobic attacks.

Victims of Martsinkevich’s gang were tortured and humiliated while being filmed. Videos were later posted on the popular social media site VK. Martsinkevich himself was directly involved with several of the attacks, and is believed to have been a main figure in the gang’s homophobic activities.

However, despite his well-documented attacks against LGBT homosexuals Martsinkevich was charged for un-related crimes related to his involvement with another neo-Nazi gang.

Martsinkevich was detained in Cuba after being arrested by local police and was later extradited to Russia for ‘extremist’ charges. The crimes he was charged with include acts of violence, death threats and robbery and inflicting bodily harm. It is unsure at this point whether he will also face trial for the abduction and torture of young gay Russians.

9 associates of Martsinkevich have also been arrested in Russia and are currently awaiting trial for similar crimes.


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