Chairman of Abkhazia’s Central Election Commission attacked with hand grenade


Batal Tabagua

Abkhazia’s chairman for the Central Election Commission has confirmed an attempt was made on his life in the early hours of this morning when a hand grenade was thrown at his home.

The home of Batal Tabagua, who leads the organisation responsible for running elections in the breakaway state, was attacked at 4:05am this morning, sources have confirmed. No one was injured in the explosion.

An investigation into the attack is currently underway. Authorities have confirmed that they believe the incident is related to Tabagua’s position in Abkhazia’s political process.

Much of Abkhazia’s political spectrum was quick to denounce the attack, and to declare their support for the current investigation. The Central Election Commission called upon the law to thoroughly investigate the incident, declaring the late night bombing as a ‘terrorist act’.

Political tensions in Abkhazia have remained high ever since the largely unrecognised state declared independence from Georgia in 1992. In recent years conflict has been rare but relationships between Georgia and Abkhazia have remained poor.

It is believed by many that the attack is related to Abkhazia’s upcoming presidential elections, which were announced just 4 days ago by the defacto government. The last minute elections were confirmed for later in the month after ex-leader Alexander Ankvab announced his resignation in response to opposition protests earlier in the year.


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