Nagorno-Karabakh to give asylum to Iraq’s Yezidi refugees


The disputed republic of Nagorno-Karabakh will grant asylum to displaced Yezidis fleeing Iraq, an official for the region has this week announced.

Speaking on behalf of the office of the President of Karabakh government official Davit Babayan stated that the region will house and protect Yezedis facing persecution from the Islamic State, who currently control much of northern Iraq.

The Yezidi people are Armenia’s largest ethnic minority, who haveĀ a population of over 40,000, with many more settled throughout the Caucasus. The office of the president spoke of how the ethnically Armenian people of Karabakh shared a ‘brotherly’ bond with the Yezidis, who currently face genocidal persecution at the hands of radical islamists.


One thought on “Nagorno-Karabakh to give asylum to Iraq’s Yezidi refugees

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