Russia’s ‘first lesbian wedding’ upsets authorities

Alisa Davis (left) and Alison Brooks (right). IMAGE:

Alisa Davis (left) and Alison Brooks (right). IMAGE:

Two brides have become Russia’s first same-sex couple after authorities were forced to recognise their marriage this week.

Allison Brooks and Alina Davis wed earlier this month in a ceremony that upset conservative authorities because of the legal loop hole exploited by the newlyweds.

Alina Davis, one of the brides in question, identifies as a woman but is legally seen as a man after Russian authorities failed to recognise her new gender identity. Because of this the couple were able to legally wed, with bride Alina legally filling the role of the groom.

Much of Russia’s conservative population were offended by the couple’s wedding after images emerged of the two brides both wearing tradition floor-length white dresses.

Davis recently told reporters that she and her wife-to-be faced opposition for civil registry officials, who attempted to delay the ceremony. The couple have also faced threats and abuse online after the news of their wedding became public.

Although the newly married couple are legally seen as a man-and-wife partnership they now make history as Russia’s first same-sex marriage. The government of Russia does not allow same-sex marriage and holds several homophobic policies, including the infamous anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law that was passed in 2013.


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