Iraqi government rejects Nagorno-Karabakh’s offer to house Yazidi refugees


Iraqi Yazedis appeal to Europe to open their borders. IMAGE:

The Iraqi authorities have today confirmed that they have rejected the offer from Nagorno-Karabakh’s government to house Yazadis currently fleeing Northern Iraq.

The offer was made earlier this week, by the office of Karabakh President Davit Babayan, to protect Yazidi refugees currently escaping prosecution from Islamic State militants in Iraq.

Karabakh’s offer was backed up by Armenian groups, including Yazidi leader Serj Sargyan, who wrote to the Iraqi government claiming that the refugees would be welcomed as guests.

Iraqi authorities responding to the offer saying that moving refugees into the disputed region would be a breach of Azerbaijan’s territory and that no plans would be made to house refugees there.

A statement made by Azerbaijan shortly after the initial offer stated that it would view the settlement of refugees as a breach of international law. Internationally Nagorno-Karabakh is viewed as Azerbaijani territory, and therefore legally has no authority as a region to settle displaced people.


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