Azerbaijan: LGBT campaigners’ website targeted by religious extremists

Nefes' home page following the cyber attack

Nefes’ home page following the cyber attack

The website for Azerbaijan’s leading LGBT organisation was last night subject to a cyber-attack by suspected religious extremists.

Nefes, who campaign on behalf of LGBT+ people within Azerbaijan, had their website taken over by unknown attackers, who replaced their homepage with an image of a jihadist flag.

Below the flag a statement read:

“Azerbaijan does not have a place for you! We will destroy you all!”

The flag, normally used by radical Islamic groups leads the organisation to believe that religious extremists were responsible for the cyber-attack.

Shortly after the site was taken over the anonymous hacker(s) became inactive and Nefes released a statement confirming that the police had been contacted.

This cyber-attack comes after members of Nefes were attacked by anonymous assailants for their work with the charity, and one campaigner was violently abused by his own family. Nefes have stated that they are deeply concerned over the recent incident, which they see as a reflection of the extreme persecution that the LGBT community faces from conservative parts of Azerbaijan’s mainstream society.


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