Georgia and EU condemn Abkhazian elections as illegal

Newly elected president Raul Khajimba casts his vote in this weekend's election. (Image:

Newly elected president Raul Khajimba casts his vote in this weekend’s election. (Image:

The European Union and Georgia have both declared this weekends presidential elections in the breakaway region of Abkhazia as illegal.

In a recent statement the EU said that it will not recognise the newly elected government of the disputed state, instead supporting Georgia’s claim on the territory. In a statement released this week the EU said:

“The European Union supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, as recognised by international law,”

The government of Georgia were also quick to condemn Abkhazia’s new government, calling this weekend’s elections a “violation of the fundamental principles of international law.”

Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia after civil war in the early 90s. Around 240,000 people currently live in Abkhazia.

Abkhazia’s independence is recognised by a small number of states, including Russia, who provide large amounts of assistance to the breakaway republic. In 2008 Russia stationed military in the area after war with Georgia. Georgian authorities have previously described Russia’s involvement in the region as an ‘occupation’.

Russia’s close involvement in the area has led many to raise concerns over the viability of Abkhazian independence. Many believe that the region cannot operate without the assistance of the Kremlin, while some have raised concerns that Russia looks to annex the region – an accusation that Russian authorities have previously denied.


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