Armenia to be represented at Turkish presidential inauguration



Representatives from Armenia’s government will attend this week’s inauguration of Turkish president Recip Tayip Erdogan in a move that is being hailed as some as a positive diplomatic step for the two nations.

Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan this week announced that a member of his government will be present at the upcoming ceremony after confirming that an invitation had been offered by Turkish authorities.

Sagsyan himself will not attend, but is expected to be represented by his Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian.

Erdogan, who is being inaugurated as Turkey’s president, invited dignitaries from several countries but was not expected to extend an invitation to Armenia.

Diplomatic relations between the two nations remain frosty following long standing demands from Armenia to recognise the 1914 Armenian genocide, undertaken by the former Ottoman empire.

Armenia currently have no diplomatic representation in each others country and the border between their countries is closed.

The invitation extended to Armenia’s government is being hailed by some as another positive step towards normalisation of the two country’s relations. In April 2014 Erdogan made history as the first Turkish leader to offer his condolences to Armenia on the 99th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, though he did not recognise it as a genocide.

Although small diplomatic steps are being made no large changes are expected in the near future due to continuing issues, such as Turkey’s siding with Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts.


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