Russia to consider lifting sanctions on Iran

Russian FM Sergei Lavros. Image: The Guardian UK.


Russian authorities have this week indicated that an end to their sanctions on Iran may be possible following international talks held between the two nations.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavros will meet this Friday with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif to discuss negotiating towards an end of the sanctions, which were imposed on Iran by Russia and other foreign powers almost ten years ago.

The original sanctions were placed on Iran by a coalition of nations following concerns over the nation’s nuclear programs. Now as Russia faces its own sanctions from Western nations the government will consider lifting sanctions on Iran.

News of the recent negotiations comes after Russia and Iran announced a deal that would see Iran trade oil with Russia in exchange for food aid. The deal came as a response to Western sanctions placed on Russia following their actions in Ukraine.

Russia was one of the six nations involved in the July negotiations to decrease Iran’s nuclear activities that ended after a compromise was not reached. As Russia now faces its own sanctions the Kremlin may consider easing sanctions on Iran in order to improve the economy of the two nations.


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