Rumors of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s death prove untrue

This image of Iran's President at the Ayatollah's hospital bed was later released by the state media

This image of Iran’s President at the Ayatollah’s hospital bed was later released by the state media

Rumors began circulating online late last night of the death of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after news emerged that the state leader had been admitted to hospital following a then-unknown illness.

Images of the 75 year old later emerged, apparently at his death bed. The images were later refuted and revealed to in fact be of Ayatollah Khamenei unconscious but alive in a hospital bed following surgery.

Rumors of the death were dispelled by the state-ran media, who announced that there was ‘no room for concern’ and that there was ‘no need to pray’ for the elderly religious leader. It was later announced that the Ayatollah had been admitted to hospital to undergo prostate surgery in order to help treat a long-standing medical condition.

Official photographs were released earlier today of Iran’s President, Hassan Rhouhani, visiting the country’s supreme leader in hospital after many supporters of the Ayatollah began to express deep concerns over the well-being of the country’s head of state.


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