Georgia: Islamic school attacked by anti-Muslim protestors

Images of a hanging pig's head later emerged on Georgian television.

Images of a hanging pig’s head later emerged on Georgian television.

A madrassa in Tbilisi has this week been attacked by anti-Muslim protesters, who are opposed to the opening of the Islamic educational facility.

The madrassa, which is a form of college that focuses on Islamic teachings, is set to open in Tbilisi’s Lermontov Street, but has faced angry protests from the local Orthodox Christian community.

Reports claim that protesters blocked the street on which the building stands for several minutes before slaughtering a pig and hanging its head from the door of the building.

The symbolism of the slaughtered pig is particularly offensive to Islamic culture, who refrain from consuming pork due to their religion’s belief.

The Interior Ministry later confirmed that they were aware of the incident but has do yet begun an investigation. Currently the incident is not being treated as a hate crime.

Georgia is a majority Christian nation with a largely conservative culture. Although Muslims are more welcome in the country than in other areas of the region the tensions between Muslim and Christian have previously led to similar hate-crimes targeted Georgia’s non-Christian community.


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