Head of Russian Orthodox Church given fighter jet as gift

su 35

A SU-35, the same model as the one gifted to Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church was yesterday presented with the gift of a military jet fighter after touring a Russian arms factory in the East of the country.

The jet, a single-seat Sukhoi SU-35, boasts a maximum speed of 2390 km/h, is capable of carrying an array of missiles and rockets and comes equipped with an on-board cannon with a capacity of 150 rounds.

The unusual gift, which was presented to the religious leader by owners of the factory, is estimated to have a value of between 40 and 60 million USD and is the same as models currently used by the Russian Air Force.

The Patriarch, who has been a key figure in Russia’s largely homophobic culture, addressed factory workers on the important of their work in the protection of Russia.

The Patriarch has previously been criticised for his high level of wealth.

The Patriarch has previously been criticized for his high level of wealth.

The move to accept the military-grade aircraft has been seen as controversial by some, and an attempt to further emphasise the military strength of Russia by others. The Russian Orthodox Church is a sect of Christianity and has always traditionally viewed itself as peaceful, leading many to question why their figurehead needs to own a highly-expensive piece of war machinery.

This is not the first time the Patriarch’s actions have come under scrutiny from Russians. A rising non-religious community in Russia have previously protested the Church’s views, which many see as outdated. The Patriarch famously claimed in 2013 that feminism in Russia was a ‘very dangerous’ idea.


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