LGBT communities across the world celebrate Bi Visibility Day

bi dayToday marks the 16th annual Bi Visibility Day, a day dedicated to raising celebrating and raising awareness of people across the world who identify as bisexual.

Bi Visibility Day, held every year on September 23rd, aims to tackle the problem of bisexual ‘invisibility’ that is created by a combination of stereotypes, misconceptions and marginalisation of bisexual people.

The event sees LGBT communities coming together to tackle the problem of bisexual oppression in both mainstream and LGBT groups and hopes to make bisexuality more widely accepted and understood.

Bisexuality is hugely misunderstood in mainstream society, despite actually being the most common sexual-orientation within the LGBT spectrum. Some estimates put the number of bisexuals as high as 50% of all people within the LGBT spectrum, with many studies agreeing that the number of bisexual individuals outweighs the number of people that identify as gay, lesbian or transgender.

As part of the day of celebration groups from 19 different countries have officially signed up to take part, with workshops and awareness events being held throughout the day. A special ‘bi meetup’ event has even been scheduled in St Petersburg.

The find out more about Bi Visibility Day visit the project’s official website.


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