United Nations passes landmark LGBT rights resolution

UNHRCThe United Nations Human Rights Council have this week voted to pass an important resolution on LGBT rights which would help see an increase of the protection of LGBT people’s rights under international law.

The resolution calls for the UN High Commission for Human Rights to issue a new report on the human rights violations of LGBT individuals based on sexual or gender orientation. Although the resolution will not see large-scale changes being made it is the first time that a UN body of this size has viewed LGBT rights in the same light as basic human rights, leading many LGBT activists to welcome the move as an important milestone in achieving LGBT-equality.

The resolution was passed with a 25-14 vote, proving that not all nation states voting on the issue agreed with its content.

The opposition was mostly led by religious and conservative countries, such as Ethiopia, Russia and members of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation.

Opponents of the bill accused the UNHRC of forcing Western ideals onto opposing states and enforcing a monoculture within the UN. Saudi Arabia’s representatives during the resolution’s debate stated “we feel there is an attempt to impose uniculturality that runs counter to religious and cultural practices of some countries.”


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