Refugees in Georgia march across country in protest of government housing


The Georgian port town of Poti is home to many refugees, including families from Abkhazia.

A group of protesters are currently marching across Georgia to protest the government’s refusal to provide adequate housing for refugees in the city of Poti.

The group, made up of refugees and supporters living in Poti, set off from their home earlier this week. The protesters intend to reach the capital city of Tbilisi by next week, where they will raise awareness of the situation of many refugees living in the country.

According to the protesters many refugees in Poti live in unsatisfactory conditions. One participant of the march described her home as a ‘shed unfit for living’.

Due to the situation of many refugees living in the city many families are unable to afford housing and rely on the Georgian authorities to provide certain amenities. Many however have raised concerns that local authorities in Poti are not doing enough to look after refugees. The protest-march follows a number of smaller protests that refugees claim have been ignored by authorities, including a 6-day hunger strike held last month.

The march is supported by a number of civil rights and political groups, including the Georgian Women’s Organisation and the United National Movement Party.


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