Chechnya: Suicide bombing leaves five dead at Grozny’s city day celebrations



Today five police offices have been killed and at least 12 others were left injured after a suicide bomber attacked during a concert held to mark Grozny’s City Day.

The attack was undertaken by an unknown man earlier today outside a concert hall in the Chechen capital. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov later told press that the man had been wearing a police uniform and had shown police credentials after being stopped near a metal detector spot outside of the building.

Russian authorities confirmed that five police officers had been killed in the attack after stopping to search the suspicious man who then detonated an explosive device.

In an official statement made following the attack Russia’s Interior Ministry said “the police decided to search him and establish his identity, the man blew himself up,”

The identities of the officers killed and the civilians injured have yet to be confirmed. Early reports initially claimed that four were killed, with five injured – these were however refuted after an official statement confirmed the extent of the attack.

Authorities also noted that Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev would plan to honor the police involved with official decoration for their sacrifice made in preventing what his office has described as a potential major terrorist act.

The identity of the attack is also currently unconfirmed, though some online sources have claimed a 19 year old Chechen resident was responsible. No official statement on the attacker’s identity has yet been meet.


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