Strong concerns raised over the health of Azerbaijan political prisoner Leyla Yunus

leyla yunusA team representing the imprisoned human rights defender Leyla Yunus have this weekend released a joint statement asking Azerbaijani authorities to consider changing her sentence to a home arrest, or moving her into a prison hospital amid fears raised over her health condition.

Yunus, along with her husband, was arrested earlier this year on politically-motivated charges as part of the Azerbaijani regime’s recent crack down on civil soviety.

Yunus’ advocates have reported that she has complained of a lack of medical treatment and poor living conditions that have led to a rapid deterioration in her health.

In a statement released to the public her team of advocates said:

“We hereby state with all the responsibility that the physical condition of Leyla Yunus has greatly deteriorated and reached an extreme point. She is kept in a cold cell without access to hot water. In these conditions, the consequences of her four surgeries have led to a sharp deterioration of her health condition. With account of the aforesaid, there is no guarantee that Leyla Yunus will live to see the end of this year.”

The Azerbaijani government have yet to comment on the statement.


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