Concerns raised over safety of Azerbaijani journalist Arzu Geybullayeva



Azerbaijani journalist and political analyst Arzu Geybullayeva has reported facing ongoing harassment and threats leading to international concern for her safety and security.

The series of threats and intimidation came after the journalist gave an interview with Azerbaijani news site The interview led to anonymous online attacks and accusations of treason and anti Azeri sentiment.

As a journalist Geybullayeva works for the Turkey-based Armenian newspaper Agos. Her work with Armenians led to ‘patriotic Azeri’ to accusing her of collaborating with the enemy, which in turn led to a series of threats aimed towards her. Geybullayeva has a strong interest in promoting Armenian-Azeri dialogue and has previously worked for a number of non-profit groups aimed at promoting peace between the two cultures.

After news of the ongoing threats were raised concerns over the journalists safety were raised by a number of groups. In response to Geybullayeva’s case freedom-of-speech advocates PEN International launched an online campaign aimed at pressuring Turkish and Azerbaijani authorities into protecting the at-risk journalist.

For more information on PEN’s campaign please visit their website.


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