Russian gay rights campaigner wins court case over cancelled pride parade



Gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev has this week won a court case concerning the unlawful ban of a gay pride parade by Russian authorities.

The case was undertaken in the the city of Kostroma and saw Alexeyev awarded compensation and legal fees after the court ruled that city authorities had illegally prohibited a planned gay pride parade and two protests in 2013 under Russia’s infamous ‘gay propaganda law’.

The court case was seen as a victory in Russia’s LGBTI community, but only a minor one. Following the case Alexeyev was awarded just over 8,000 rubles in compensation, or around only $200. Despite the fact that Alexeyev won his court appeal many claim that more should be done to support LGBTI groups in Russia.

The court ruling also comes after Alexeyev was reportedly attacked in the city of Kostoma by unknown assailants. The assault was thought to be a homophobic attack.

Despite minor victories like this one the situation for many LGBTI groups in Russia is incredibly dire. In 2013 Russia announced laws banning the ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’ which have drastically hindered the work of many LGBTI rights groups and made events such as the planned gay pride march incredibly difficult to achieve.

Alexeyev has proven himself a leading figure in the LGBT movement within Russia, but not one without controversy. Critics of him have previously accused him of anti-Semitic speech and of being too close to the Russian authorities. Alexeyev and his many supporters however deny these claims.


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