Turkish trans patient denied treatment because of gender-identity sues doctor

A Turkish woman whose doctor denied treatment to her following sex reassignment treatment is being sued after the woman in question brought her case before a Turkish court.

Dr. Fatma Hut of Reşat Berger Hospital refused to treat the woman (identified as HC.) in March 2014 following a planned medical appointment. According to HC Dr. Hut told her ‘you are a man, I do not condone your situation, I will not examine you’.

HC’s legal team claim that Dr. Hut’s actions violate Turkish law and that his actions were also against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that all people are entitled to medical care, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In response to the case brought against him Dr. Hut denied any unlawful action and also filed an official legal case against HC, claiming that she insulted him in their March meeting.

 HC’s case is being undertaken by a volunteer legal team acting alongside a number of Turkish LGBT support groups. It is currently if HC will continue to push charges against Dr. Hut following his follow-up legal complaint.


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