UN rapporteur raises concerns over Iranian human rights situation

Dr Shaheed

Dr Shaheed

A report published this week by Dr Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur for human rights in Iran, has highlighted several areas of concerns within Iran. Issues mentioned include a recent increase in executions, the nation’s use of torture and the suppression and persecution of several minority groups living in Iran.

According to the official report 852 individuals were executed by Iranian authorities between July 2013 and June 2014, marking an increase in recent years. The report also noted the continued execution of under age offenders, which saw eight individuals under 18 killed in 2014.

Also reported was a number of arrest aimed at minority religious groups that many have interpreted as attempted suppression. According to Dr Shaheed’s finding over 300 minority religious practitioners were imprisoned last year, included around 50 Christians arrested for their involvement in the running of informal home churches.

The report also took testimonies from a number of Iranian refugees living outside of the country to collate data on corporal punishment, torture and mistreatment of prisoners. Several of those interviewed reported incidences of flogging, physical abuse and psychological torture that indicate a worrying level of human rights violations among Iranian criminal authorities.

The lengthy report raised several points of immediate concern and made suggestions to international authorities on how to address Iran’s current situation.


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