Armenian activists stand in solidarity with Kyrgyz LGBT community.


Activists connected the the Yerevan-based LGBT+ group Pink Armenia have publicly shared their support for the LGBT community of Kyrgyzstan by joining an online solidarity campaign ran by the Kyrgyz group Labrys.

International support has been shown for the Kyrgyz LGBT community after parliament recently passed a law modelled on Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law. The proposed law is now close to being passed and only requires further approval by the country’s head of state. The laws, if passed, will outlaw LGBT support groups and make it illegal for anyone in the country to promote ‘non-traditional’ relationships.

In response to the proposed laws Labrys called upon the international community to support LGBT Kyrgyz and to call upon their leaders to pressure the government into dropping the bill. Alongside Armenian LGBT-rights campaigners were several people representing campaign groups from across the world, including many Russian speaking activists.

As a fellow former-Soviet country Armenia suffers also from Soviet-era hangovers of homophobia that is common across many countries. In Kyrgyzstan the largely conservative religious community have often persecuted LGBT individuals while the government uses the issue to sway political power.

Opponents of the bill have accused Kyrgyz lawmakers of attempting to curry favour with Russia at the sake of the LGBT community. Labrys have stated that with they will continue fighting the proposed law with their international support.

To find out more about the proposed law and how you can support Labrys click here.


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