Armenian activists launch map of street harassment

mi lrirA group of Armenian campaigners and activists have this week launched their newest project, Mi Lrir (Don’t Be Silent), which aims to raise awareness of street harassment across the country.

The project uses crowdsourced information from anonymous Armenians to track various incidents of harassment in Armenia in order to build up a special map indicating the level of the problem. After launching earlier this month the map already has 13 unique incidents recorded in Yerevan and is calling for people to share their own experiences.

The project was launched with the help of Art + Activism, a Yerevan-based activist group who aim to use creative solutions to combat inequality in Armenia. The group are hoping that their newest project will help provide data on street harassment and raise awareness of what continues to be a large problem in Armenia.

As a conservative and largely patriarchal society Armenia has an ingrained problem with street harassment towards women. Despite many attempts to combat cat-calling, unwelcome approaches and even assault the level of harassment remains high. Previously collated data indicates that the majority of women living in Armenia have experienced street harassment at some point in their life.

For more information on Mi Lrir and how you can get involved visit the project’s website.


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