Russian lawmaker Vitaly Milonov wants to ban Finnish stamps in Russia as ‘gay propaganda’

tom of finlandInfamous Russian politician Vitaly Milonov has this week spoken out against neighbouring Finland’s pro-gay postal stamps, demanding that Russian ban the use of them under the current anti-gay ‘propaganda’ laws.

The special edition stamps were issues earlier this year to celebrate the work of gay Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen and feature safe-for-work extracts of the artist’s homoerotic work. At the time the stamps caused upset among more conservative parts of Finnish society, but were welcomed by many as a step towards LGBT recognition and a gay-friendly culture.

The stamps were also reported to be the most popular in Finnish history, with thousands of copies being pre-order by people in over 150 countries.

Milinov, who was leading in establishing 2013’s anti-gay laws, however claims that the stamps breach public decency laws in Russia and has called for an immediate ban. According to him the stamps, which are not sexually explicit in any way, are against the traditional values of Russians and therefore should be banned.

Milinov also called for people in Finland not to use the stamps when sending letters to Russia, and called upon anyone receiving a letter with one of the stamps to return them to the sender.

In response to Milinov’s demands pro-LGBT campaigners online released the address of Milinov’s official office and called for people to send letters stamped with the special stamps to protest the politician’s actions and opinions.

If you want to share you opinion on this story with Mr Milinov you can find information on how to contact him here.


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