Georgia to open NATO military training centre


A NATO soldier in Afghanistan

Georgia has announced this week plans to open a military training centre for NATO forces despite growing pressure from neighbouring Russia, who stand against the plans.

Defense Minister Irakli Alasania announced that plans were currently underway to create a specialised training facility in steps to further increase cooperation between Georgia and Western powers.

Although Russia has not commented on the plans the Kremlin opposes NATO involvement in the Caucasus, viewing it as an attempt by Western nations to build a military presence in the area,

News of the plans comes after growing cooperation between Russia and the breakaway region of Abkhazia, who many claim are seeking to completely separate from Georgia and join Russia. Russia, however, denies any plans to annexe the region, despite reports of cooperation between them and the area’s de facto government, as well as a growing military presence in the area.

Tensions between Georgia and Russia have ran high since the 2008 invasion of Georgia led to the deaths of many Georgian citizens. Georgia, unlike neighbouring Armenia, is a largely anti-Russian nation who are seeking to gain entry to the European Union. It is believed that these new plans will be interpreted as a further attempt to protect the nation from possible action by Russia.


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