Armenia: Activists march against police treatment of blind protester

Pre-parliament's logo. Image: Wikipedia

Pre-parliament’s logo. Image: Wikipedia

Armenian protesters have this week marched in the Armenian capital of Yerevan against the recent police treatment of a blind anti-government activist, who they claim was assaulted at the hands of local law enforcement.

According to claims made by the protesters Alek Enigomshyan, the individual in question, was forced out of a car and handcuffed before being taken into custody where he was subject to police force and manhandling.

Enigomshyan was taking part in a car rally organised by the pro-reform “Pre-Parliament” group to raise awareness of their campaign and the current actions of the Armenian government.

Enigomshyan was arrested after what police claim was his involvement in a traffic accident that left one man dead earlier that day. Enigomshyan and his supporters however deny any involvement in the incident and claim that the event was manufactured by police to prevent the actions of the Pre-Parliament group.

In response to concerns raised by activists Armenian authorities stated that an official investigation into the incident was now underway.


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