Azerbaijan: Political prisoner Leyla Yunus moved to government facility

IMAGE: The Caucasian Knot

IMAGE: The Caucasian Knot

The Azerbaijani imprisoned human rights activist Leyla Yunus has reportedly been transferred from the Kurdakhani Detention Centre 1 to the Minister of National Security’s detention centre.

The move to the high-security facility comes after international groups raised concerns over the health and wellbeing of Yunus, who reported having faced ongoing psychological and physical abuse at the hands of prison staff. According to one online campaign Yunus’ health had rapidly deteriorated in the two months since her imprisonment. The campaign called upon Azerbaijani authorities to transfer Yunus into a secure medical facility, or home arrest.

The transferral was discovered after a colleague visited the Kurdakhani Detention Centre to deliver a package where he was informed that Yunus had been relocated. Various news sources in Azerbaijan claim her movement was not reported by prison authorities.

News of the new move have raised further concerns over the well-being of Yunus. Supporters of the imprisoned human rights campaigner are unsure that her new facility will provide the required medical care, leading some to condemn the actions of the Azerbaijani prison authorities as further abuse.


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