Council of European Union holds first ever LGBTI human rights conference

coeuThe Council of the European Union have this week held the first ever international conference on the human rights of LGBTI individuals in Europe.

The conference included discussions and workshops on the human rights situation of LGBT groups within Europe and was intended to promote debate and exchange between European lawmakers on the subject of LGBT rights.

The conference marks the first of its kind at this level and has been welcomed as a much-needed sign of progress by many. The event was praised highly by the International Lesbian and Gay Alliance (ILGA) who were among the many groups attending.

On the subject of the event ILGA European Director Evelyne Paradis said:

“There is a clear sign of mounting support for the EU strategy on LGBTI rights. […] We sincerely hope that [the conference] will translate into real and substantial improvement of the human rightsw of LGBT people in the EU in the next five years.”


Correction: The original article claimed the event was held by the Council of Europe. It was however held by the Council of the European Union, who are a separate organisation.


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