New data reveals level of gender equality in Caucasus

Image: WEF

Image: WEF

Data released earlier this week by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed an insight into the levels of gender equality in Caucasian nations.

All South Caucasus nations proved lacking in various areas of economy with Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan all scoring in the bottom percentile of global nations.

142 countries were included in the WEF survey, which collected data on areas such as life expectancy, employment and education in order to build rank each nation on its level of equality. According to the statistics Iceland is the best nation for gender equality, with women experiencing high levels of economic and educational opportunities on a similar level to men.

Armenia proved worst in the region for equality, coming just 103 out of 142. According to the WEF a lower level of economic opportunities and very few women in politics or business helped Armenia score low in the rankings.

Armenia also displayed a worrying drop in equality over last years rankings. It’s 9-place fall now places the nation in the bottom group of countries where inequality is much worse.

Georgia was the best, however, reaching 85th place in the global scale. According to data Georgia was better in general than Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also lacked in women in power.

Azerbaijan came just a few places ahead of Armenia, in 94th. Figures on education suggest that Azerbaijan has the best level of educational equality in the region, with a high number of women receiving higher education. The country however scored very poorly in areas of political equality, likely owing hugely to their ‘semi-autocratic’ political system.

Data on Russia placed the country 75th out of 142, but information provided proved difficult to interpret the situation for women in the North Caucasus. According to the WEF women in Russia have better access to education, health care and political power than in South Caucasian countries but the level of disparity between good and bad is very high.

According to analysis Russian women from wealthy backgrounds, such as those living in major cities, experience levels of equality close to men, but women living in poorer regions suffer from a much greater level of inequality in all areas. It seems that although some women in Russia benefit from good education, health and opportunities many women throughout the country still live in inequality.

Although the findings may indicate a worrying situation for women in the Caucasus the region did prove to be ahead of its neighbors. In the global ranking neighboring Turkey came 125, where as Iran came 137, putting them in the bottom 5. According to analysis both countries ranked low because of the extreme low-level of economic opportunities for women living in country, with women consistently earning less or failing to enter the job market at all.

The view the rankings yourself visit the World Economic Forum’s website.


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