Armenian activists launch online campaign against maternity law changes

babyuActivists in Armenia have this week launched an online petition designed to draw attention to the proposed changes to be made to the current maternity leave legislation.

The petition has called for women on maternity leave to be paid 100% of their salary while on maternity leave and has already gained over 3000 signatures in just a few days.

According to activist campaigning against the new laws changes may mean that women who take maternity leaves may not be entitled to fair and equal payment, and may also suffer in other ways. The petition also raised concerns over the effect the new laws would have on incarcerated women.

The petition comes after a number of groups began to protest the legislation changes, seeing them as an unfair treatment of mothers and pregnant women. Women’s rights groups in Armenia claim that the laws will make it harder for women to take maternity leave and still continue with their careers and have raised concerns that the proposed changes give Armenian mothers an unfair dissadvantage.

For more information on the proposed changes and to sign it yourself visit the campaign’s web page.


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