Azerbaijan shoots down helicopter near contested region of Nagorno Karabakh

An Mi-24, the same model as the one shot-down earlier today. Image: Wikipedia

An Mi-24, the same model as the one shot-down earlier today. Image: Wikipedia

Reports from the disputed South Caucasus region of Nagorno-Karabakh are claiming that Azerbaijani forces have today shot down a helicopter operated by Armenian military.

Azerbaijan’s military shared the news that a military helicopter was attacked and destroyed near the conflicted border between Karabakh and Azerbaijan proper.

The news was later confirmed by Armenian authorities, who spoke up to refute several claims made by Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry.

According to an official statement Azerbaijani troops downed the helicopter after being attacked earlier this afternoon.

The ‘self-defense forces’ of Karabakh however claim that the helicopter was operating on a routine training mission, and was not hostile towards Azeri troops.

It is believed that 3 were killed in the incident. The identities of the dead are not yet known.

Azerbaijani forces claimed the helicopter was shot down after attacking units on Azerbaijan’s territory. Armenia however disputed this, claiming that the helicopter in question was not armed and that the attack was unprovoked. Exact details of the incident are not yet known as mixed reports and anonymous sources have lead news outlets to share conflicting reports.

News of the incident comes after a period of relative peace in the conflicted zone saw Armenia and Azerbaijan hold a new round of peace talks moderated by several international figures. It is believed that the incident will be seen as a significant set-back in the peace-process of the area.


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