Russia gives reduced sentence to gang-member who tortuted gay men on film



Anti-gay gang member and notorious hate figure Maxim Martsinkevich has this week had his ongoing prison sentenced reduced in a Russian court.

Martsinkevich, who also goes by the nickname ‘Machete’, was sentenced to five years in a penal colony earlier this year for inciting violence towards ethnic groups following extremist comments made at a Moscow rally.

The infamous anti-gay gang member was also one of the leaders of a group known as ‘Occupy Pedophilia’, who took part in a number of violent attacks on LGBT individuals, which included filming torture and humiliation of young gay men that were later released online.

However, despite Martsinkevich’s horrific hate crimes towards the LGBT community he has yet to be sentenced, or charged, with any crimes related to his involvement with the ‘Occupy Pedophilia’ group.

The reduced sentence was given by a Russian court earlier this week after Martsinkevich raised an appeal. According to the court the five year sentence was reduced to just three years because his acts of extremism had not led to caualties.

News of the reduced sentence has already caused outrage among the international LGBT community, who see his treatment as too lenient.

Many other Russians, including those from religious and ethnic minorities, have also expressed anger at the ruling, claiming that Martsinkevich is a danger to the Russian public and should be treated with a more suitable punishment.

Martsinkevich was arrested earlier this year after fleeing the country to Cuba. Despite his well-documented attacks on LGBT individuals he has yet to be charged for any incidents of torture, abduction or assault.


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