Azerbaijan delegates lash out at human-rights protest during Georgian meeting

Image by IPN

Image by IPN

An Azerbaijani delegation has this week been condemned for their actions after acting out against a protest targeting their government’s human rights record at the Eastern Partnership civil society forum being held this week in Batumi, Georgia.

Protesters gathered before the main events of the forum and hung posters that discussed the human rights violations of President Aliyev’s government and also called on action to be taken.

In response to the protest several delegate members were reported to have ripped down a number of posters, as well as verbally berate a number of protesters. In response to questions raised over their behavior members of the delegation claimed that the protest unfairly targeted Azerbaijan and did not reflect the current human-rights situation of the other countries also gathered at the forum.

It is believed that the posters were originally hung by a Czech NGO, who wished to raise attention to the worrying human-rights situation in Azerbaijan.

In response to the news many people were quick to speak out against the behaviur of the Azerbaijani delegation, which has been seen as childish and inappropriate by some.


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