Azerbaijan: Imprisoned Leyla Yunus’ advocates warn of malnutrition and poor health

leyla yunusSupporters of the Azerbaijani political prisoner Leyla Yunus have this week warned that the health of the human rights campaigner has become a serious concern following her time behind bars.

According to Yunus’ advocate team her health has deteriorated quickly in recent days, prompting alarm among her supporters of her current condition. It is claimed that chronic malnutrition has led to a significant weight loss among over health problems.

Yunus, 58, also suffers from diabetes, which her supporters claim is not being treated correctly.

Speaking to press earlier this week Elchin Gambarov, a member of Yunus’ support team, claimed that the health care currently being given is insignificant and that if the situation does not improve quickly Yunus may suffer greatly.

The exact condition of Yunus is unknown but it is suspected that her pre-existing chronic illnesses may be enough to lead to her death in captivity if not treated properly by prison authorities.

News of the team’s concerns comes after an announcement made last month in which they demanding Yunus be moved to another facility after claiming her current care was leading to a rapid decline in her health.

Yunus, who was arrested earlier this year in a government crackdown against dissident voices, is a leading human rights activist in Azerbaijan and the former Director of the Institute of Peace And Democracy.


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