Georgians gather across country to protest violence towards women

womens protestGeorgian protesters today gathered across Georgia to protest the country’s ongoing problem of domestic violence and violence towards women.

Protesters gathered in several cities to raise awareness of the ongoing problem and to demand that more is done to tackle the country’s current situation.

In Tbilisi hundreds gathered despite the rain outside of the countries ‘old parliament’ building where speeches were also given. Many protesters chose to bring placards and signs demanding an end to domestic violence in the countries while some also held the images of loved ones who have suffered under domestic violence.

Despite a low police-presence and poor the event went without any incidents.

Emotions did, however, run high just before speakers were set to address crowds as one woman broke down before a group of journalists and onlookers discussing a family member who had died as a result of domestic violence.

The protest was organized by the Georgian Women’s Movement, in association with a number of women’s issues groups in Tbilisi. The event also coinciding with the first day of the 16 Days Of Action campaign, which is designed to combat violence towards women worldwide and saw similar protests being held in cities across the globe.

According to protesters gathered in Tbilisi domestic violence remains a problem within Georgian culture and one that is not addressed seriously enough by authorities. Protesters today hoped that their joint voices would help raise awareness of the problem, which they claim is often not discussed enough in the mainstream. As well as combatting actual incidents of violence the Georgian Women’s Movement also hoped to pressure the government into taken more steps to protect the victims of domestic violence.


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