Armenians petition Google to recognize genocide


An online petition started earlier this month is asking internet giants Google to recognize the Armenian Genocide with a special ‘Google Doodle’ marking the event’s 100-year anniversary.

The global search engine and tech company often mark notable events with a one-day redesign of their iconic logo. Previous events marked have included the life of Nelson Mandella, the invention of the internet and the outbreak of the First World War.

The petition, launched earlier this month by Armenian graphic designer Vanand Mkrtchyan, is calling on the company to help recognize the event’s anniversary, which will take place April 24th 2015. The petition has attracted a lot of attention from Armenians and the Armenian diaspora, with over 3,000 signatures already gained in just a few days.

The group also offered a mock-up of what the ‘Google Doodle’ might look like with an image by Mkrtchyan featuring Yerevan’s iconic Genocide Memorial.

Recognition of the Armenian Genocide remains a hot topic among many Armenians, who claim that official recognition will help prevent future atrocities from occurring. Although many people view the events of April 1915 as an act of genocide from the former-Ottoman empire many nations fail to officially recognize the event as a genocide.


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