Blog: Prostitution in Georgia, a social tabboo

In Georgia, prostitution is not only illegal, but is also a big taboo in this conservative society, strongly influenced by Orthodox Church values. The topic of prostitution, however, is much more complex and it is not only the social problem of “fallen women”, as some people may think.

Blog: Child marriage in Georgia

There was a rise in the number of early marriages in Georgia in the 1990’s following the collapse of the Soviet Union. During that time, early marriages were often linked with bride kidnapping. Parents would marry their daughters to prevent them from being kidnapped. At the same time this was also linked to the school…

Blog: International volunteers, do we need them?

Talvike Mändla and Tom Ana are both experienced as international volunteers working in the Caucasus. On the blog today they share their opinions on international volunteering and discuss whether volunteers working in the Caucasus are actually the benefit to the region many perceive them to be.